Welcome to the Timber Brook Estates HOA website - the best place for information about our neighborhood.  Timber Brook Estates is located in Plano, Texas adjacent to the beautiful Oak Point Park.  Our neighborhood schools are ranked as one of the best districts in the state.  We have an active Home Owner's Association which helps to assure that Timber Brook Estates is a great place to live. 


Upcoming Events

First Annual Fall Festival! - Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Hello, Timber Brook Estates Neighbors! 

Mark your calendars!! Timber Brook Estates HOA presents the First Annual Fall Festival! 

Date: Saturday, October 25, 2014 
Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm 
Where: Timber Brook Park (Norwood Ln) 

Come out and meet your fellow Timber Brook neighbors and enjoy our first annual Fall Festival!

Enjoyment for all ages: 
Bounce houses, cupcake walk, Pumpkin patch, Pumpkin carving contest, costume contest, & light desserts!

2:00-2:30 – Welcome! Bouncers and Pumpkin patch open! 
2:30-3:30 – Cupcake Walk open 
3:00-3:30 – Pumpkin Carving contest 
4:00 – Costume Contest: Ages 1-6; 7-11; 12-15; Adult 16 & up 
4:30 – Awards for carving and costumes contest winners 
5:00 – Thanks for coming!! 

*Pumpkins available for purchase at discounted rate for pumpkin carving contestants ONLY – first come first serve basis 

We need your help to make this event successful – please message Candy Bonilla at candy_0905@yahoo.com if you are interested in being a volunteer on our Fall Festival committee!


Water Conservation & Restrictions Home

The City of Plano is committed to conserving and protecting our water supply in a cooperative effort with our citizens and other North Texas Municipal Water District member cities through education and enforcement that contributes to the overall quality of life.
Water Smart Plano
Stage 3 Restrictions: Weekly Watering Allowed Through October
In coordination with the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD), the City of Plano's Stage 3 restrictions will allow once-a-week landscape watering with sprinklers fromSeptember 1 through October 31, 2014 to maintain water quality. Watering with sprinklers from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. is prohibited. Water hydrant flushing may continue to be necessary in certain areas of the city. The City of Plano joins other NTMWD member cities and customers in encouraging all residential and business customers to practice smart outdoor watering by adhering to current water restrictions. While water quality remains the top priority, water conservation and the wise use of water is still critical to maintain our current available supplies until the drought eases. 

For a printable watering calendar, please click on the image below.

Odd Addresses: Every Tuesday
Even Addresses: Every Thursday
*As HOA watering involves watering of their common areas and in many cases the City of Plano right of way (which has no address), it was decided that all HOA watering would follow an EVEN address watering schedule.

Sept 2014 Guidelines w-calendar 500px


Timber Brook Estates Crime Stats for Sept. 2014 

Greetings Neighbors, 

Another month passes by followed with a good report of no crimes in our community. I am very pleased of our measures we take to thwart crime. If anyone attended the personal safety crime seminar taught by officers Bianez and Dawson, they did a great job! Hope everyone enjoyed the Balloon Festival. Those residents with pets that live outside, I highly recommend that they be brought inside for the duration of any firework displays. I did hear of reports that dogs broke out of the perimeter fences and owners were looking for them. This should also apply to other holidays that celebrate with fireworks such as the 4th of July. Fireworks can throw your pet into a frenzy of fright and flight. Not all pets are affected the same way but a lot of them are. Pets are members of our family too and we should always look out for their well-being. On another point being the good neighbors that we are, be sure to clean or pickup behind your pets. Not a good thing to leave a Doggy DNA calling card on your neighbors lawn. Well with that being said, I hope everyone continues to maintain our much vigilant stance on crime. Thanks for your unwavering support. 


Larry J. Brown, USN-Ret. 
Crime Watch Coordinator 
Timber Brook Estates 

Home Safety Tips: 

A) Keep car keys next to your bed while you sleep. If you hear a suspicious noise and suspect someone is trying to break in, press the panic button on the key-ring. The car alarm will sound, and the burglar will have no choice but to leave the scene.

B) Plant thorny shrubs beneath ground floor windows. They will add beauty and also deter burglars as well.

C) Don't store wood near the side of a house. It can be used by intruders as a stepladder to a window.

D) If you don't have a security system, at least purchase a decal or stake out sign that will deter less-experienced thieves from entering.